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Hello and Welcome. This is the third edition of Food Guide at Dino’s Vault. It has been a year since I started this website. The response has been encouraging and I thank you all for your support. In this Summer edition, I have included some interesting mango-based recipes that are easy to prepare and less time consuming. I hope you would continue to check our website and feel free to comment and share your views in this regard.


    This is a thick creamy dessert made with mango puree, fresh cream, and chunks of mangoes arranged in layers.


    One mango pureed
    Fresh cream 1 cup
    1/2cup condensed milk
    Sugar according to taste


    Mix the cream and condensed milk in a spatula. Add one to two teaspoons castor sugar, if necessary, as it blends easily into the mixture. Arrange the mango puree, cream, and chunks of mangoes in layers. Refrigerate for one to two hours before serving to allow the mixture to set appropriately.



    One cup fresh yogurt
    Half cup milk
    1 cup mango puree
    Two to three teaspoons sugar


    Add all the above mentioned ingredients in a mixer and whisk them for about a minute or two. Pour the mixture into the glass and serve chilled.


    A smoothie is a frothy and frosty drink, basically fruit flavored. Other flavors may include chocolate, coffee, mint etc. I am sure this will make a delightful drink to enjoy with family and friends on a vacation or picnic.


    1 banana cut into slices
    1 mango cut into cubes
    Orange or lime juice one to two teaspoons
    1/2cup milk
    Two to three spoons of sugar
    A scoop of vanilla ice cream


    Mix all the ingredients together in a blender and pour into an ice-filled glass. Top it off with ice cream and a garnish of mixed fruits.

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