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    What is this? You might wonder whether this is some sort of a cult or some sort of a charitable institution. This ain’t no cult, nor is this a charitable trust. This has nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with caste or creed. The idea is to spread simple, unadulterated, unashamed, unfailing, and everlasting love. This is a simple thought that occurred to me and I believe it is a worthy one.


    The idea is to start a movement, a revolution, a revival that will change the course of humanity forever. Imagine a world where a person cares for the other - a place where one person is willing to give up something for the other, a place where a human is backing up another human; a place where selfishness is replaced by selflessness, covetousness is replaced by generosity, and deceitfulness is replaced by faithfulness. The idea is to make one realize that our wants can make way to meet someone’s needs. The key here is to help one understand the true power of Love. If we recall, we see that Love won our nation the freedom. Love is not something ordinary. It is something extraordinary. It does not come easy. One needs to work at it. This is not limited to just one nation. This is what the whole world is craving for. Little do they realize that they have what it takes right within them and that each one can make a difference


    The catch here is not to enroll in an organization. The main aim is to instill pure, selfless, unashamed, unadulterated, and unshakeable love that seems to have gone missing. We see brutal acts of unfathomable violence taking place. I strongly believe the reason behind such instances is the search for true love or the lack thereof. Well, you might ask, what would be my role. How can I make a difference. Precious friend, just pause and think for a moment – the word India starts with which letter? It starts with “I.” More than fifty years ago, our forefathers realized this truth and fought diligently with one accord, with one heart, one mind, body, and soul. The reason, one man – Mahatma Gandhi ji believed that he can make a difference. One woman – Mother Teresa could make a difference. All they stood for and proclaimed was love. We see the result even to this day – we are a free nation. What is sad though is the “I” factor has taken a wrong course and transformed into “MY” and “ME.” The men and women who were battered and bruised fighting for freedom never realized about their lives or their loved ones’ lives. The only thing on their mind was to make a difference. Each and every person who took a blow bore a scar, shed a tear might not have made it to the limelight, but their contribution will never go unnoticed. Now, the “I” in India needs to surface again. We need to realize that each one can make a difference. Look around and you will see unheard of and unimaginable atrocities on the rise like never before. This is the time for love to overcome hate, love to win over bitterness, and love to triumph over tragedies. Every life is crucial, every word is precious, every action will count, and every step we take will be for a good cause.


    Again, I specify this is not a political movement. This is not some organization. You make a difference wherever you are – beginning with your family, your relatives, your neighborhood, and your peers at your workplace. How long has it been since you’ve told your mom or dad that you love them, that you value their relationship? When was the last time you told your wife/husband that he/she is important to you and is the best thing that could ever happen to you. When was the last time you took your child out to spend some quality time with him/her? Every day we come across several situations where we can choose to love or readily embrace hate. Will you make a difference? Will you take the stand for love? Will you go down as a history maker in this “LOVE FOR ALL, ALL FOR LOVE” movement? This is the vision and mission of the LOVE ARMY. We live to love. We win over our enemies with love. We lend a helping hand with love. We wipe away every tear with love. We care the uncared for and love the unloved. We are the ambassadors of love and we will fight with our inner selfish feeling, fight with the hate and bitterness trying to surface from within, fight with the covetousness and slyness that is trying to invade our hearts and minds and overcome all of them with one powerful weapon - LOVE. This is the LOVE ARMY. The fight begins now.

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