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Welcome to the dance section of Dino’s Vault. I, Dinesh, am a choreographer and have taught dance lessons in schools and colleges ever since my teenage. There have been instances where I have taught close to 150 girls for an outdoor performance and up to 20 boys for group performances indoors. I have also undertaken personal lessons for those who have desired to explore this limitless lifestyle.


As far as I am concerned, Dance is an art form which sets you free. It is a form of expression of what is brewing on the inside. It helps you to let go of certain things that you are unable to do away with otherwise. It sets you free from any kind of bondage that is trying to hold you back. It lets you prohibit the inner desire, which in turn sets the stage on fire. It is a medium of exhibiting your emotion through motion. Ultimately it is an expression that leaves an everlasting impression of your true personality.

As far as its evolution goes, Archeology delivers traces of dance from prehistoric times such as the 9000 year old Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka paintings in India and Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures from 3300 BC.


When it comes to different dance styles and genres, there are several relating to each culture. The most usual and popular form that we get to see very often is western freestyle or bollywood filmy style. Then of course we have ballroom and ballet, which cater to a more formal audience. In the no-strings-attached segment, we have street dance, hip hop, breakdancing, etc. When it comes to Indian tradition, we have bharatanatyam, bhangra, kathakali, and so on.


Everyone has their own interests and inclinations, and I personally am inclined towards western freestyle. When we look around, the most common and popular form of dance that seems to appear on the big screen and small screen alike is the freestyle. As an individual, you might be confronted with an opportunity to dance solo or even join a partner. Many people choose to shy away because they are not familiar with the subject. Some of them have the interest, but lack proper guidance due to which they end up making a fool of themselves. The basic idea here at Dino’s Vault is to make you realize that “You’re No Less Than Anybody Else.” We will offer basic dance lessons for beginners so that the next time you get an opportunity, you are well equipped. So why wait, let’s get started right away. Click on the link below to explore a whole new lifestyle.

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