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Hello and welcome to Dino’s Vault. This is a place where you can find solace from the various pressures life has to offer. Set yourself free from the mundane and enter into Dino’s Vault to explore a myriad of options that can give a whole new meaning to your life. Immerse yourself in a dream world of fantasy; explore different lifestyles, cuisines, and luxuries. Enter a whole new realm with me as I take you on a journey of a lifetime. I am no expert. I am just a regular guy with a serious thought to break free from the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary.


I, Dinesh, am a thoroughbred auto enthusiast and a true petrol head. Ever since my childhood, I have had a fascination for motorcycles and pure adoration for cars. As an enthusiast, things just couldn’t get better in one of the world’s largest markets in the automotive industry.

The average Indian biker has come of age now and the good old commuter friendly mindset has made way for a larger than life and more value for money mindset. No wonder we see more interesting and feature-packed launches among the two wheelers. The four wheelers scenario is no different either. Gone are the good old Maruthi 800 days where a car with four seats and a roof seemed to fit the bill. Today, every customer wants more bangs for the buck. Therefore, each manufacturer is leaving no stone unturned to grab the attention of the buyer, be it cars or bikes. Each one is upping the ante and raising the bar to steam ahead and stay ahead of the others in the competition. The competition is intensifying, the atmosphere is electrifying, emotions are running high, and sparks are flying even as one manufacturer tries to outsmart the other.
I’d rather not call myself an expert, but as an enthusiast who has been following the industry closely for more than a decade now, having ridden different bikes and several cars across different segments, and having written reviews on different websites clocking more than 1.5 lakh reads in around nine months, I hope and believe that the info provided by me will come in handy.


I am also a guy who is equally obsessed with down right delicious quality food, but more than me, my sister is an excellent cook, having explored different cuisines and delicacies ever since her childhood. Coming from a South Indian family and being aware of various traditional family recipes that have been passed on from our ancestors, I strongly believe her recipes will add a whole new flavor to your life.


What’s life without some lilting music to soothe your senses from the hustle bustle of life that sometimes tend to cave in on us with waves of uncertainty. Me being a singer, song writer, guitarist, composer, and a worship leader, and having released three albums, I will be sharing useful tips on how to get started on guitars (acoustic and electric). Music is one thing you can always look up and hook up to whenever and wherever you want, even when the whole world walks out on you.


Also I started my career as a choreographer in my college days, teaching school students and college students the art of dance. Dance is a form of expression where you try to pass on the energy, effervescence, and power to those around you. It also helps you let go of some feelings that you are unable to do away with. I will help you get started in dancing with some useful lessons so that you can pitch in instead of shying away at any given scenario. Also dance is believed to be the best form of exercise to shed unwanted calories. The warm-up moves will be easy to learn and will help you lose adequate weight that you might be desperately trying to get rid of.

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